We Specialize in Wholesale Importing of Cement and Steel


Thaxson Import Export Trading Corp. is committed to providing the highest quality product available on the market which meets or exceeds all industry standards. We always strive to represent fairness in our pricing, provide excellent customer service and have an honest down to earth approach to our business practices with our customers. Our greatest desire is to develop long term, honest relationships, with all of our clients and we are looking forward to working with you on your construction building project.

We sell Fortress concrete, cement products from Vietnam. The Vietnamese cement industry is booming and growing at a rapid pace, much of this is due to the countries own high standard of quality assurance, this creates a consistency in their concrete production, making their concrete product, superior to most other cement producing countries in the region. All cement production quality is assured by the strict laws and regulations, provided by the Vietnamese and Philippine governments working in partnership together at every stage of production. All Vietnamese concrete supply manufacturers must carry, a current Philippine standard mark, (PSMARK) and meet all Philippine DPWH standards and all Vietnamese standards, permit and licensing requirements.

At Thaxson Import Export Trading Corp., we sell Portland I, Portland II, and Portland type I P, cement. We chose to sell Fortress brand cement because, it is produced under the highest standards of the industry and is a superior brand of consistent quality, with fair pricing. There are no fillers or erroneous aggregates in our products, as some companies use to gain extra weight and volume to cheat and increase their profit margin.

For further assurance of quality, our cement is subjected to ASSAY testing by SGS Laboratories Ltd., in Vietnam at the port, immediately before it is shipped, by extracting six random, full composite samples of the cement, it is mixed thoroughly and then prepared and sent to various offices including, the SGS laboratory, a storage facility that, stores the sample for 90 days, starting from the origination date of the (BL) bill of lading so that, there is a record of the quality of the cement shipped. Samples will also be given to the cement suppliers representative, as well as the vessels representative.

Testing standards include, compressive strength, time needed for setting cement, aggregate fineness and an autoclave expansion test along with air content stiffening tests. Again we believe we sell a superior, consistent cement product, which has a tested and proven track record for reliability. Please contact us if you are interested in pricing and purchasing concrete. Here at Thaxson Import Export Trading Corp. we would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to earn your business.